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Veet hair removal cream sensitive 100ml

Veet hair removal cream sensitive 100ml
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Veet hair removal cream sensitive 100ml
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Now with Veet Cream for Sensitive Skin, you can remove your hair comfortably within a few minutes and without any fatigue or effort. Veet cream has an effective technology that removes hair efficiently and keeps your skin moisturized for up to seven days straight, not only that! Indeed, Veet is gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation or sensitivity, as well as giving your body a pleasant scent and a uniquely soft feel.


1- Safe for sensitive skin.

2- It is clinically proven to moisturize the skin for seven consecutive days.

3- Adds a pleasant fragrance to the skin.

4- Works on scrubbing the skin and removing dead skin.


1- Keep this product in a dry and clean place.

2- Use it on clean skin.

3- Keep out of reach of children.

4- Store at room temperature.

5- Do not use it on your eyes or lips. 6- Keep it away from flame and sunlight (flammable product).

How to use:

First, wash your skin with warm water, then dry it very well. Second, apply a small amount of the cream using carved part of spatula in the targeted area. Third, let the cream dry for about 5-10 minutes approximately then remove the cream with spatula and rinse the skin with cold water.