Nair hair removal spray rose 200ml - 000229
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Nair hair removal spray rose 200ml

Nair hair removal spray rose 200ml
Nair hair removal spray rose 200ml
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Nair brings you his unique new creation; Hair removal spray with a pleasant rose scent. Remove your entire hair with just one click! Its advanced technology dissolves and removes hair from the roots in less than ten minutes. It also delays its growth for several days to have a body free of hair and rich in the fragrant scent of roses.


1- ٍDissolves and removes the hair from the follicles.

2- Adds a fragrant rose scent to the body.

3- Removes dead skin and adds cleanliness to the body.

4- Delays hair growth for several days.


1- Keep this product in a dry and clean place.

2- Use it on clean skin.

3- Keep out of reach of children.

4- Store at room temperature.

5- Do not use it on your eyes or lips.

6- Keep it away from flame and sunlight (flammable product).

How to use:

First, wash your skin with warm water, then dry it very well. Second, shake the product well before spraying it on dry skin. Third, keep the spray away from your body for about 4 inches and apply an equivalent layer. Forth, let the cream dry for about 4 to 10 minutes maximum, then gently remove the layer with a washcloth. In the end, rinse your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water.