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DIOR | ديور

SAR 195.01 SAR 218.00
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Always be different, even with your scent! Dior Addict For Women | Dior is a unique blend of intense jasmine and orange blossom with a splash of sandalwood that gives you an elegant and charming aurora. For an unforgettable floral aurora, try Dior Addict - Eau de Parfum. Specificati..
SAR 620.43 SAR 868.25
Ex Tax: SAR 539.50
SAR 176.81 SAR 190.00
Ex Tax: SAR 153.75
Every perfume has a story...! Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist | Dior is a unique blend of Damask rose, Sicilian mandarin, peach, bergamot, and a heart of white musk essence that gives your hair an elegant and delightful scent and gives the hair a feeling of freshness. For an unforgettable scent, try &n..
SAR 265.65 SAR 343.85
Ex Tax: SAR 231.00
SAR 575.00 SAR 721.00
Ex Tax: SAR 500.00
SAR 395.60 SAR 511.75
Ex Tax: SAR 344.00
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