Creme 21 all day cream vitamin-b5 250ml - 000486
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Creme 21 all day cream vitamin-b5 250ml

Creme 21 all day cream vitamin-b5 250ml
Creme 21 all day cream vitamin-b5 250ml
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  • Model: 000486
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Enjoy intensive skincare and protection with Creme 21 All Day Cream. Creme 21 features a unique formula riches pro-vitamin B5 that nourishes perfectly. Also, Creme 21 moisturizes the skin from the inside and outside, helps protect it from dehydration, and gives it a smooth texture.


1- Gives the skin long-lasting moisturization.

2- Protects the skin from drying out.

3- Adds a fragrance odor to the body.

4- Riches in nourishing pro-vitamin B5.


1- Keep this product in a dry and clean place.

2- Keep out of reach of children.

3- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

4- Keep it away from flame and sunlight (flammable product).

5- Make sure to washyour hands with soap after every use.

How to use:

First, start with clean skin and hands. Open the cream bottle and put a small amount of it into your palm. Second, spread the cream with circular motions on the targeted area from the bottom up. Third, leave it on your body and enjoy soft and moisturized skin.