Beesline Whitening Roll-on Deodorant - Green Forest 50ml
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Beesline whitening roll-on green forest 50ml deodorant

Beesline whitening roll-on green forest 50ml deodorant
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Beesline whitening roll-on green forest 50ml deodorant
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For fairer skin with an even tone under the arms, try Beesline Deodorant Roll-on Green Forest, the best deodorant ever! Beesline's deodorant provides the armpit with 48-hours protection from sweating, removes sweat and unwanted odor, lightens and evens tone the skin, and adds a light calming fragrance to it.




1- Leaves the body feeling refreshed and removes unwanted sweat and odor.

2- Has a long-lasting formula that stays up to 48 hours.

3- Lightens and unifies underarms skin.

4- Adds a delicate aroma to the body.




1. Stop use if rash or irritation occurs.

2. Use in short bursts in well-ventilated places.

3. Keep out of reach of children under the age of 5 y.o.

4. Keep away from heat, Protect from sunlight (Extremely Flammable).

5 -Be careful, do not use it on injured skin.


How To Use:


First, shake your deodorant gently for a few seconds.

Second, twist the cap to reveal the Deodorant.

Third, coat each underarm with a layer of deodorant and wait till its fully dry.

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