Bebecom Glycerin soap 125g - 000522
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Bebecom Glycerin soap 125g

Bebecom Glycerin soap 125g
Bebecom Glycerin soap 125g
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  • Model: 000522
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Do you dream of having nourished, moisturized, and clean skin? Bebecom Glycerin Pure Bar Soap is the ideal soap to clean and protect your skin from the hot winds of summer and the dry air of winter. Glycerin has a unique blend that forms a protective layer on the skin against dryness. In addition, it nourishes the skin effectively, cleans it from the outside and inside, and gives the skin extra softens.


1- Cleans the skin and removes dirt.

2- Nourishes the skin effectively.

3- Protects the skin from drying damages.

4- Adds a smooth and silky texture to the skin.


1- For external use only.

2- Keep out of reach of children.

3- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

4- Keep this product in a dry and cold place.

5- Avoid contact with eyes in case of contact rinse thoroughly with water.

How to use:

First, wet your body with water, and then take the soap bar and rub it between your hands until the bar lathers up. Second, use circular motions to massage the soap lather over your body. Third, if all the suds, dirt, and dust have gone then, rinse off your body out of the lather thoroughly with water.