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ALOEDENT | الودنت

SAR 12.30
Ex Tax: SAR 10.69
SAR 23.32
Ex Tax: SAR 20.28
Alodent toothpaste with natural ingredients that provides protection to suit all oral needs. It includes in its components miswak that has been extracted from Salvadora persica whose properties help in fighting the bacteria that cause oral infections and bleeding gums. It also contains natural aloe ..
SAR 17.49
Ex Tax: SAR 15.21
Suffering from sensitive teeth that no toothpaste fits? We have the solution! We offer you Alodent toothpaste for sensitive teeth with its exceptional formula that provides great and integrated protection for your teeth. Alodent is specialized in its natural ingredients that give your sensitive teet..
SAR 24.43
Ex Tax: SAR 21.24
Now get white and bright teeth like no other with Alodent whitening toothpaste. A toothpaste enriched with natural aloe vera extract that provides your teeth and gums with adequate protection and support so that you get healthy teeth and healthy gums free of infection. With Alodonet, say goodbye to ..
SAR 23.32
Ex Tax: SAR 20.28
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