Vebix deodorant oud cream 25ml - 000188
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Vebix deodorant oud cream 25ml

Vebix deodorant oud cream 25ml
Vebix deodorant oud cream 25ml
SAR 12.08
السعر بدون ضريبة : SAR 10.50
  • رقم الموديل: 000188
  • رقم المنتج: 6223004680250

Looking for a deodorant that lasts for a week? Or a deodorant that moisturizes the skin and protects it from excessive sweating and annoying odors? Then Vebix Deodorant Cream Max Oud is what you are looking for! Vebix's natural deodorant provides maximum protection against perspiration odor that extends up to 7 days. While also preventing unwanted odors from spreading and giving the body the charming scent of oud.




1- Consists of an effective formula that lasts up to 7 days (requires daily showering).

2- Gives the body the fragrance of Elegant oud.

3- Fights odor-causing bacteria.




1. Stop use if rash or irritation occurs.

2. Use in short bursts in well-ventilated places.

3. Keep out of reach of children under the age of 5 y.o.

4. Keep away from heat, Protect from sunlight (Extremely Flammable).

5 -Be careful, do not use it on injured skin.


How To Use:


First, shake your deodorant gently for a few seconds.

Second, twist the cap to reveal the Deodorant.

Third, coat each underarm with a layer of deodorant and wait till its fully dry.