Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerine 118ml
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Now solutions vegetable glycerine 118ml

Now solutions vegetable glycerine  118ml
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Now solutions vegetable glycerine 118ml
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Enjoy the goodness of nature and provide your skin with the care it deserves with Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerin. Now's formula is rich in pure vegetable glycerin that provides the skin with high levels of nourishing and moisturizing. While helps enhance skin health and appearance, purifies and cleans the skin surface of impurities, and gives the skin a soft texture. Maintain your skin glow and vitality with Solutions Vegetable Glycerin from Now.



1- Enhances skin health and elasticity.

2- Nourishes and moisturizes the skin effectively.

3- Gives the skin a soft and smooth texture.

4- Riches in vegetable glycerin that contains coconut oil and grapeseed.



1- For external use only.

2- Keep out of reach of children.

3- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

4- Keep this product in a dry and cold place.

5- Avoid contact with eyes in case of contact rinse thoroughly with water.


How to use:

First, start with a clean skin and hands.

Second, gently apply a few drops of the body oil to your body and hands with your fingertips.

Third, massage your body and wait 5 minutes for the oil to fully absorb into your skin.