Johnson's Gentle All Over 72 wipes (2+1)
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Johnsons gentle all over 72 wipes (2+1)

Johnsons gentle all over 72 wipes (2+1)
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Johnsons gentle all over 72 wipes (2+1)
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The childrens' delicate and sensitive skin requires the utmost care that only Johnson's All Gentle Wipes can provide. Johnson's baby wipes help gently cleanse baby's skin, effectively removing dirt and germs, leaving the skin feeling soft and smelling sweet.




1- Effectively removes dirt, bacteria, and germs.

2- Soothes the skin and gives it a beautiful scent.

3- Gives the skin a smooth texture and superior moisture.




1- It is not edible or potable.

2- Store at room temperature.

3- Keep out of reach of children.

4- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

5- Be careful, do not use it on injured, irritated, and infected skin.