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Gillette ultragrip 5pcs blue ii plus

Gillette ultragrip 5pcs blue ii plus
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Gillette ultragrip 5pcs blue ii plus
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For smooth and hair-free skin, try the Gillette Ultra-Grip Razor (5 pieces), which has a fixed head equipped with sharp and double blades that shave hair quickly and efficiently. Also, it contains a moisturizing strip and a soft grip that helps the razor blades move more smoothly in proportion to the curves of the body and facial features.


1- Has a soft non-slip handle.

2- Has a moisturizing strip that facilitates the movements of the razor blade.

3- Easy to use razor blades and to control.


1- Keep this product in a dry and clean place.

2- Do not share your razor with someone else.

3- Make sure to clean or replace the blade after every use to reduce irritation.

4- Use gentle and slow moves to avoid scratching.

5- Use it in a clean, non-makeup and non-moisturize skin.

6- Keep out of reach of children.

How to use:

Firstly, wet your skin with hot or warm water. Secondly, place the razor blade in the targeted area and begin to shave carefully and gently in the direction of hair growth. Finally, rinse your skin with cold water to close the skin pores and prevent dirt and dust from reaching it.