Naturania moroccan bath soap set - 3 pieces - 000998
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Naturania moroccan bath soap set - 3 pieces

Naturania moroccan bath soap set - 3 pieces
Naturania moroccan bath soap set - 3 pieces
SAR 25.76
السعر بدون ضريبة : SAR 22.40
  • رقم الموديل: 000998
  • رقم المنتج: 6111259061484

The ancient Andalusians were popular over the years for their recipes and mixtures that are rich in the goodness of nature for hair and skin, and now with Naturania, you can enjoy one of the most famous Andalusian mixtures! The Moroccan Bath Soap Set with natural olive oil extract from Naturania. It’s a 100% natural soap that helps clean and removes dirt and impurities, nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply and effectively، exfoliates dead skin gently, and gives the skin a soft texture. For naturally radiant skin, try Naturania Moroccan Bath Soap Set.



1- Cleans and purifies the skin efficiently.

2- Exfoliates and removes dead skin gently.

3- Lightens the skin and enhances its natural radiance.

4- Softens and moisturizes the skin effectively.



1- For external use only.

2- Keep out of reach of children.

3- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

4- Keep this product in a dry and cold place.

5- Avoid contact with eyes in case of contact rinse thoroughly with water.


How to use:

First, wet your face with water. Put a small amount of the product in your hand. Second, apply the soap on your face using gentle circular motions starting with your cheeks. Third, spread the soap on your forehead and the rest of your face. Make sure that it has reached every spot on your face. Fourth, rinse off the soap thoroughly with water until your face becomes clean.