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Veet hair removal wax strips dry skin

Veet hair removal wax strips dry skin
Veet hair removal wax strips dry skin
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For an effective، long-lasting shave! Try Veet wax strips for dry skin. Veet removes hair from the roots and keeps the skin soft and moisturized. Its unique method works to delay hair growth and remove dead skin from the body. In addition, it contains aloe vera extract that helps cleanse the body and maintain its moisture and green tea extract that adds a refreshing feeling and scent to the body. Veet wax strips give your skin super softness and a pleasant odor.


1- Provides the body with super softness that lasts up to 28 days.

2- Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin.

3- Contains aloe vera extract that helps moisturize the skin.

4- Removes hair from its roots.


1- Keep this product in a dry and clean place.

2- Use it on clean skin.

3- Keep out of reach of children.

4- Store at room temperature.

5- Do not use it on your eyes or lips.

How to use:

First, wash your skin with warm water, then dry it very well. Second, Rub the wax strip between your hand for about 5 seconds or until the wax became warm. Third, split the wax strips slowly and apply one of them onto the targeted area. Rub the wax strip onto your skin in the direction of hair growth. Fourth, pull the strip from your skin with a quick and careful move in the direction opposite your hair growth. Finally, clean your skin with the included wipe.