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I white instant whitening kit 10p

I white instant whitening kit 10p
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I white instant whitening kit 10p
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Are you aspiring to have healthy, strong, and white teeth? We have what you need! iWhite Instant Whitening Kit. Iwhite contains different ingredients that contribute to whitening the teeth while maintaining enamel health. In addition, it reduces stains and restores the natural color of the teeth.




5-      Lightens coffee and tea stains and improves teeth health from the first 5 days.

2- Brighten your teeth and restore them to their natural whiteness.

3- Creat a protective shield against stains and plaque.

4- Easy to use at home.




5-      It is not edible or potable.

2- Store at room temperature.

3- Keep out of reach of children.

4- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

5- Do not use in children under 12 years and consult your dentist first.


Please follow the user instructions on the product packaging.

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