Froika w-plus milk 200ml - 000738
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Froika w-plus milk 200ml

Froika w-plus milk 200ml
Froika w-plus milk 200ml
SAR 142.00
السعر بدون ضريبة : SAR 123.48
  • رقم الموديل: 000738
  • رقم المنتج: 5204799020187

Are you seeking a highly effective moisturizer for your skin? Or a moisturizer emollient that can restore your skin hydration and maintain its moisture balance? Froika Plus Moisturizing Milk for dry skin is here to save the day with its powerful ingredients that will change your skin health for the better. Froika helps moisturize the skin deeply and effectively, prevents moisture loss, relieves the skin from irritations and redness, and maintains the skin moisture balance. For healthier and softer skin, try Froika Plus Emollient Moisturizing Calming Milk.


1- Effectively hydrates and protects the skin.

2- Riches in essential fatty acids that fight dryness.

3- Prevents water and moisture loss.

4- Gives relief from itchiness and inflammation.


1- For external use only.

2- Keep out of reach of children.

3- If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

4- Keep this product in a dry and cold place.

5- Avoid contact with eyes in case of contact rinse thoroughly with water.

How to use:

First, start with clean skin and hands. Open the cream bottle and put a small amount of it into your palm. Second, spread the cream with circular motions on the targeted area from the bottom up. Third, leave it on your body and enjoy soft and moisturized skin.